September – October

We offer:
– Moose safari.
– Hiking with Sami guide in ecopark.
– Spinn fishing for arctic char in private lake.
– Moose calling (from middle of September)

Spin fishing in private lake

Learning the noble art of spin fishing is a great activity for all ages. Our professional nature guide with Sami heritage will be providing a totally private lake only for you, and all the equipment required, guiding you whilst fishing and serving hot sandwishes made over the fire. You have the chance to catch arctic char and perch. By the lake, there is a Sami grilling hut with a warming fire inside. Outside, in the autumn, you can find cloudberries, blueberries and lingonberries here.

  • Activity length: aprox 3 hours
  • Period: May-November (depending on when the winter ice melts or comes)
  • Level: Easy
  • Price: 2290 SEK/person, children under 12 years 50% discount, children under 3 years for free.
  • Includes: private lake, fishing guide, equipment required, grilled warm lunch sandwishes with local delicacies and homemade pastry, beverages.
  • Transfer is included from Harads.
  • The ground close to the lake is wet, boots are recommended.
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Moose safari

We go on forest roads in the area around Harads to search for the “king of beasts”. If we’re lucky we will also see other animals as fox, reindeers and forest birds.

  • Activity length: 2,5 hours
  • Period:May-September
  • Level: Easy
  • Min/Max persons: 2-4
  • Price: 2190 SEK per person, children 3-12 years 50% of the price
  • Includes: Experienced guide, drinks and snacks.
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Nature hike in eco park (3 or 5 hours)

This hike with a Sami nature guide is always tailored to suit the experience level of the participants. The guide is a trained wildlife, fish and nature conservationist. You will get to learn more about tracking, flora and fauna as well as Sami culture during your hike. The hike leads up a mountainside, to a scenic vantage point, offering a view of vast forests and waters. You will also visit a beautiful forest lake and there will be many photo opportunities along the way. During the hike you will be treated to homemade Swedish fika (snacks/pastries and beverages), to keep your spirits and blood sugar high. The 5 hours tour also includes lunch made over the fire in a grilling hut at our private lake. We can eat indoors or outdoors according to the guests wishes.

  • Min 2, max 4 persons
  • 3 hours 2090 SEK/pers, 5 hours 2890 SEK/pers, children 3-12 years 50%.
  • May-Oct
  • Acivity level: Easy to medium
  • Included: Professional Sami nature guide, homemade pastries and bevearges.
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Moose calling in bear country

An alluring adventure with the King of the Forest and the Moose Whisperer. Mikael has approximately 30 years of calling experience and is able to summon the moose really close by impersonating a range of elk. We mainly aim for bull moose, but also cow moose with or without calves. If we are lucky, we might spot one of the bears of the forestland, attracted by the moose calls. We call as we stealthily move through the forest or from a covered wooden spotting tower with a door and photo openings. The tower is accessible for mobility disabled.

16 Sept – 18 Oct, 2 times a day, 07.00 and 13.30 local time. Ca 4 hours

Guide, moose spotting, light meal and coffee/tea by open fire.

1-2 persons

2300 SEK/person

Please remember
Avoid perfume and aftershave and noisy clothing. Dress according to weather.

These activities are carried out on nature’s own terms, with no guarantee of what we will see or experience. 

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Naturhike i ekopark