"Mitt älglock ekar i skogen en tidig morgon.
Dimman lättar över myren, en älgtjur svarar på långt håll.
Den kommer allt närmare, kvistar bryts. Pulsen stiger.
Skogens konung står nu bara 50 meter från oss
nyfiket tittande på oss i de sprakande höstfärgerna.
Jag signalerar ok till dig som gäst - Varsågod att fota."

Autumn is here!

Hide & see offers personalised experiences where you get to peek inside the animal kingdom. Right now we have just sayed bye bye to the midnight light and are welcoming the northern light. This season we offer:

  • Moose safari with car – we stop at a beautiful place and have some warm drinks and snacks.
  • Moose calling – an adventure with the moose whisperer Micke.
  • Spin fishing for arctic char in private lake with lunch sandwishes made over the fire in a grilling hut.
  • Hiking with Sami guide in Storklinten ecopark.

Your guide Micke, also owner of Hide & see, is a Sami professional fishing and nature guide, greeting you with a smile and genuine passion for animals and nature.

And, of course, just as before – Our activities are available for mobility disabled and sustainability is always an obvious part of our activities.

For prices, booking and information, please call us on +46705759973 or email info@hideandsee.se. You can also make your reservation by Arctic Bath if you are staying there, or through your travel agent.

Welcome! Hide & see

bearfottprint Bear spotting (June-Aug)

bearfottprint Moose Calling (Sept-Oct)

bearfottprint Icefishing, moose safari (Dec-March/April)