About us

Mikael “Micke” Suorra is the owner of Hide & see. I have had a burning passion for hunting, fishing and the natural world all my life and I am a trained wildlife, fish and nature conservationist. I have worked as a nature conservationist in the Sarek, Muddus and Padjelanta national parks and as a fishery technician, coordinator and sales representative for three fish farms in Norrbotten County. I have also worked with forest conservation in both northern and southern Sweden. My heritage is Sami and my family has lived and worked in the Unna tjerusj (Sörkaitum) Sami Community for generations. When I was just 8 years old, my father taught me how to call hazel grouse and when I was a teenager in the early 1980’s I began my conversations with mooses and foxes. Over the years I have tried new approaches and also called deer and bears. What intrigues me is the interplay, the interaction you experience with animals in the wild, by learning to read their behaviour.

Following a workplace accident, the idea of creating something suitable for the large number of people with disabilities out there, grew stronger. Planning this was one of the driving forces in my own recovery after my injury. In the company, Hide & see, I have woven together my interests and my knowledge of wildlife and wilderness into products making the natural environment and the wildlife of Swedish Lapland accessible to everyone.

I’m originally from Småland in southern Sweden and I’m Micke’s partner. I bake your lingonberry buns, prepare your wilderness wraps and decorate the hide with various gems from nature’s own selection. Micke is an incredibly engaged, inspiring and competent man, it’s an experience just to be around him. He is a natural host and his attention to detail will make your visit a lifelong memory.