"Mitt älglock ekar i skogen en tidig morgon.
Dimman lättar över myren, en älgtjur svarar på långt håll.
Den kommer allt närmare, kvistar bryts. Pulsen stiger.
Skogens konung står nu bara 50 meter från oss
nyfiket tittande på oss i de sprakande höstfärgerna.
Jag signalerar ok till dig som gäst - Varsågod att fota."

Bear spotting season is on!

Spot and photograph bears all through the bright Swedish Lapland summer nights. From our comfortable hide, which accommodates up to 6 people, you can spot, watch and take pictures, safely, comfortably and warm.

Hide & see also has other personalised experiences where you get to peek inside the animal kingdom. In September we open our moose calling and from the middle of November you can see the eagles who visit our hide often.  In winter we also offer moose safari, icefishing and natural expereinces.

All activities are available for mobility disabled.

For prices, booking and information, please call us on +46705759973 or email


Mikael Suorra
Hide & see

bearfottprint Bear spotting 

bearfottprint Moose Calling

bearfottprint Moose Calling and bear spotting package

bearfottprint Winter 2017/2018 (eagle spotting and other natural experiences)